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Nevada Desperately Needs A Court Of Appeals

In April 2012, Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan tried to give the family dog Onion a kiss good night.  He stumbled onto the dog.  Onion instinctively grabbed the little boy.  Immediate intervention by the family was not enough to save Jermiah from the dog’s unprecedented response.  Jeremiah died. The City of Henderson wanted to immediately euthanize the dog […]

Will A New Appellate Court Mean More Nevada Jobs?

In the Nevada Law Blogs, we regularly discuss “Nevada Factors”.  These Nevada Factors are circumstances that are unique to Nevada’s laws or judiciary which make it different from the other states. One Nevada Factor that arises over and over again is the dearth of controlling legal precedents on which Nevada civil lawyers and judges can […]

Nothing Comes Easy (Or Cheap) When Defending Lawsuits In Nevada

In an earlier post HERE, we told the story about Mr. and Ms. Turnbow.  If you read that earlier post you know that Ms. Turnbow was running across US95 in the dark of night in the middle of nowhere with a blood alcohol content approaching three times the legal limit.  The southbound trucker who saw […]