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Dan Ledbetter Honored as Nevada’s Driver of the Year

At the recent Nevada Trucking Association’s Day at the Nevada Legislature Dan Ledbetter was named Nevada’s Driver of the Year.  Dan feels that this award was also an honor to his family.

Dan Ledbetter (center) pictured with Paul Enos (on left) CEO of the Nevada Trucking Association (NTA), and Willie Hargrove (on right) FedEx Reno Serviced Center Manager

Dan Ledbetter (center) pictured with Paul Enos (on left) CEO of the Nevada Trucking Association (NTA), and Willie Hargrove (on right) FedEx Reno Serviced Center Manager

Born and raised in Nevada, Dan lives in Sparks with his wife and son.  “Trucking runs in my family.  Both of my grandfathers and one uncle were professional truck drivers, so I guess you can say it runs in the family”, Dan said.

Hired to work on the docks at FedEx Freight at 18, Dan became a professional truck driver for FedEx Freight at the age of 26. In a career spanning 23 years Dan has driven over 1.2 million miles.

Dan has competed over six times in the Nevada Truck Driving Championships, placing 1st in 2006 and 2015, leading him to the National Truck Driving Championships.  There he competed with the best of the best – safest, most skilled and most knowledgeable professional drivers from all 50 states.

At FedEx Freight Dan has been part of the Safety Committee for over 5 years. Additionally as a Driver Trainer Dan taught the importance of safety, skills and knowledge necessary to be a safe, professional truck driver.

As General Counsel for the Nevada Trucking Association and publisher of the Nevada Trucking Law Blog, I personally tip my hat to Dan Ledbetter for his successes and this honor.

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