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Collateral Source Is Still Good Law Despite Tri-County Equipment Decision

Billed vs PaidFollowing the California case of Howell v. Hamilton Meats & Provisions, Inc., 52 Cal. 4th 541, 257 P.3d 81, 128 CalRptr. 3d 658 (2011), the Nevada Law Blogs began wondering if Nevada would follow California’s lead and prohibit Plaintiff’s attorneys from introducing evidence of any medical bills that had been partially or totally forgiven by Plaintiff’s medical provider.  Then came the Nevada case of Tri–County Equip. & Leasing, LLC v. Klinke, 128 Nev. Adv. Op. 33, 286 P.3d 593 (2012).  We questioned whether this case would become the vehicle for the Nevada Supreme Court to adopt the Howell precedent and thereby prevent Plaintiffs from offering as evidence the amount of any medical bills that had been written down or forgiven. [Continue reading]

Does Nevada Follow The Made-Whole Doctrine In The Context of Auto Coverage?

Made Whole

A local insurance adjuster asks whether the “made-whole” doctrine applies in Nevada in the auto subrogation context.  This is one more great question the that is addressed by the Nevada Law Blogs.  However, as you will see, the answer is tremendously … [Continue reading]

Nevada Law Blogs See Lots Of Insightful Comments On Nevada’s Cumis Counsel Case

Regular readers of the Nevada Law Blogs have followed our summaries of all of the briefs filed in the Nevada case of State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co. v. Hansen, Nevada Supreme Court Case No. 64484.  Hopefully, the Hansen case will tell us if Nevada … [Continue reading]

Mike Mills Admitted To Arizona State Bar

The Arizona Strip is nothing like the Las Vegas Strip! The world knows the Las Vegas Strip as a place of glamour and glitz.  In contrast, few even know of the Arizona Strip or how important it is to transportation in the U.S. The Arizona Strip … [Continue reading]

Nevada Trucking Accident Rapid Response Team

No one knows when the stuff is going to hit the fan.  But one thing is guaranteed: “Anything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong.”   With that adage in mind, Mills & Associates has marshaled a team of individuals in a number of areas of … [Continue reading]