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Nevada Voters Approve Creation Of Nevada’s First Appellate Court

Nevada Appellate CourtOn November 4, 2014, Nevada voters approved Ballot Question No. 1 authorizing the creation of a Nevada Appellate Court. According to results published by the Secretary of State’s office, the question prevailed in Clark, Washoe and Carson City Counties but went down to defeat in all other counties. The margin of victory in the more populous counties was enough to put the measure over the top.

The state’s Board of Examiners wasted no time approving start-up funds for the new court and sending a request to the legislature for a future funding appropriation.

The three judges will initially be appointed but will stand for election in 2016. Those who have applied to fill those slots include current and former District Court Judges as well as many private practice and public employee attorneys. A full list of applicants can be found HERE. [Continue reading]

Again, We Join TIDA to Give Back to the Las Vegas Community


Mills & Associates maintains active membership in the Trucking Industry Defense Association, also known as TIDA. Founded in 1993, TIDA is a nonprofit association whose members share knowledge and resources in defense of the trucking industry. … [Continue reading]

Vote Yes On Question 1 Creating A New Nevada Appellate Court

Nevada Appellate Court

Question One on the November 2014 Nevada ballot seeks to establish a three-judge appellate court in Nevada. The Nevada Law Blogs support the creation of this new court. According to the Nevada State Bar, the Court of Appeals would consist of three … [Continue reading]

Third Circuit Rejects “True Conversion” Exception To Carmack Amendment Preemption

Exception To Carmack Amendment Preemption

In the case of Dynamic Transit v. Trans Pac. Ventures, 128 Nev. Adv. Op. 69, 291 P.3d 114 (2012), the Nevada Supreme Court opined that there was a "true conversion" exception to the doctrine of Carmack Amendment preemption of all state law claims. … [Continue reading]

“Reasonable Rental Cost” Not “Financing Cost” Is The Proper Measure Of Damages For Loss Of Use

Loss of Use

Disputes over the value of loss of use are common. Sometimes these disputes are small such as the loss of use of a car following an auto accident. Other times, the dispute involves a much bigger piece of equipment. For example, Asphalt Products … [Continue reading]