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The Consequences Of A Proposed Detention Solution

The word “detention” may remind you of your years in school.  If I say “detention” does it remind you of the movie “The Breakfast Club” where a group of crazy teens were sentenced to detention together?  

When it comes to truck drivers, detention is something completely different.  And truck drivers hate detention as much if not more than students do.  In the transportation industry, detention is the time that a truck driver spends waiting around for the trailer to be loaded or unloaded.  

Grocer Food Lion offered truckers a solution to detention issues that were being experienced at its yard adjacent to the Food Lion’s Distribution Center.  For $30.00 per trailer, Food Lion allowed suppliers to drop their trailers in its yard.  Food Lion agreed to move the trailer up to the dock when that trailer’s turn arrived.  That freed up the drivers to continue down the road.  

Trucking company Bonded Carriers took Food Lion up on its offer and dropped a trailer at the Distribution Center two days early.  When Food Lion got around to unloading the Bonded Carrier trailer, the cargo was gone.  

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The Nevada Supreme Court Approves The District Court’s Unilateral Reduction Of The Attorney’s Share In A Proposed Minor’s Settlement

The Nevada Law Blogs has treated the question of Approval of Compromise of Minor’s Claim a few times over the years.  For a little background, see  HERE and HERE.  The question today is what authority does the Court have when it comes to … [Continue reading]

Damages For Future Medical Care Based On Subjective Injuries Requires Expert Support

John Lanza was hurt in a motor vehicle accident.  He settled with the underlying tortfeasor and brought suit against his UIM carrier Progressive Direct.  One issue was whether he would be allowed to claim future damages based upon headaches, neck … [Continue reading]

Corporations, LLCs And Trusts Need Lawyers To Appear In Court

Wilma Winters died.  Ms. Winters’ Estate claimed via its executrix Ms. Newell that the Estate was the owner of certain real property.  Two companies, via their trustee, A.R. Salman, filed a quiet title action against same real property that was … [Continue reading]

Upcoming Changes To Federal Rule Regarding Expert Testimony Are Truly Consequential

As of December 1, 2023, FRE 702 will change.  The new rule, with redline changes is as follows: A witness who is qualified as an expert by knowledge, skill, experience, training or education may testify in the form of an opinion or otherwise if the … [Continue reading]