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The 2015 Nevada Legislature Repeals Offer of Judgment Statute NRS 17.115.

Repeal OJAnother interesting change made by the 2015 Nevada Legislature was the repeal of Nevada’s Offer of Judgment statute, NRS 17.115. This change should have little or no practical effect because every offer of judgment I have ever seen that was served in Nevada litigation was made under the duplicate provisions of this statute and Rule 68 of the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure.

One day I might look back in the legislative history and figure how and why these duplicate provisions came to be. But for now, I am grateful that the confusing back-and-forth every couple of years between the Nevada Supreme Court and the Nevada Legislature to keep the law and the rule in sync will be over.

Thank goodness.  Perhaps there are few other provisions that the legislature had taken control of that could be ceded to the courts.  (Rules of Evidence?)

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