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People from around the country send questions to the Nevada Law Blogs for help on Nevada law questions that they encounter.  While the Nevada Law Blogs do not create attorney client relations with anyone and best practice is to hire and pay a lawyer to answer legal questions, sometimes the Blogs can give people a starting point for their research.

For example, today we got a question from an adjuster in Illinois.  She has a case where a single 25-year-old unmarried adult child had been seriously burned in Nevada.  The Nevada parents travelled to California to be with their injured son during his treatment and convalescence.  The Illinois adjuster’s question was whether the parents could make a claim for “filial consortium” in Nevada.  This would be a claim where the parents hope to recover damages for the loss of comfort and society that they sustained because of their son’s injuries.

Each of the Nevada Law Blogs has a handy “Google Site Search” function that will search all three of the Nevada Law Blogs for mention of particular words.  The Blogs also have a handy “Category” search that allows someone to find all the posts on a particular topic.  Using these search tools, we searched the Nevada Law Blogs for the word “filial” and there were no hits.  Furthermore, there is no category for posts about the topic of “filial consortium”.   So we have to conclude that as of December 2013, there have been no blog posts that discussed the concept of “filial consortium”.

However, the Nevada Law Blog was able to direct the adjuster to its earlier post on “parental consortium” found HERE.  The idea of “parental consortium” is the converse of concept of “filial consortium”.  In a “parental consortium” claim the child would be asking for damages for the loss and comfort of their injured parent.

That earlier post discusses General Electric Co. v. Bush, 88 Nev. 360, 498 P.2d 366 (1972).  In that case, the Nevada Supreme Court rejected the theory of “parental consortium”.  In light of that finding, a little bit of reasoning might well shed some light on the question of whether the Nevada Supreme Court would recognize a claim for the loss of “filial consortium”.

The Nevada Law Blogs are here for you.  If you have questions on Nevada Coverage, Insurance, Bad Faith or Trucking law, be sure to consult the Nevada Law Blogs as you start your research.  The answer might be a mouse-click away.  Or pick up the phone and talk to Mike Mills at 702-240-6060×114 for a more information.