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Las Vegas…Thoughts and Prayers

Welcome to Las VegasAll of us at BLWM appreciate those around the country who are praying for us in Las Vegas.  We are grateful for all the support and concern. The caring emails, texts, and phone calls are too numerous to count.

I am thankful that my family was not directly affected by the events in town on Sunday. We have been mobilizing to help.  So many people have been giving blood that the system is overwhelmed.  They have had to bring in new blood trucks from California and Utah.  We are glad to have such good neighbors.

At my church, we organized to support the first responders.  We have been taking meals to the police and firefighters and their families.  What matters is that we can serve and help and heal. That is the way through this; to serve others, to show support and to sustain those who are personally impacted.

Our hats are off to all first responders, Police and Fire Dept. personnel and all of the medical professionals involved.  They worked miracles and deserve our respect and gratitude.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.