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Mills contributes to DRI’s Uninsured Motorist Compendium

DRIDRI provides many resources to those who practice insurance law. For example DRI offers state-by-state compendia on a variety of legal topics. Most recently DRI is updating its compendium regarding state uninsured motorist laws. The UM compendium, last published in 2007, needed to be refreshed. DRI looked for state authors who had significant experience in the defense of UM/UIM claims. Mike Mills qualified and was named the Nevada state author on the topic.

The updated survey of UM law will be arranged in a question and answer format. Mike’s answers address topics such as: Is UM / UIM coverage mandatory or discretionary?; Must liability limits match UM/UIM coverages?; Are there offsets for payments from third parties (i.e., liability insurers)?; and, Is stacking allowed? You can order a copy of the new Compendium at UM/UIM Compendium .  Mike Mills’ contribution can be found HERE.

Mike will continue his involvement with DRI by contributing to the DRI Duty to Defend Compendium which is also scheduled for completion this year. You are invited to look for additional information about Nevada UM law on The Nevada Law Blogs.

If you have questions about UM coverage, please contact Mike Mills at 702/240-6060×114. He will discuss the question with you.