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Nevada Trucking Association Honors Master Truck Drivers For Ten Years Or One Million Miles Accident-Free

NTAOn September 16 – 17, 2013, the Nevada Trucking Association honored the best of Nevada’s truck drivers by presenting them the Nevada Master Truck Driver’s Award.  In order to qualify for this recognition, a driver needs to have operated a commercial truck for either ten years or one million miles accident free.

In addition to the awards from the NTA, these drivers also received certificate of recognition from Governor Brian Sandoval, Congressmen Joe Heck and Steven Horsford.  Other dignitaries from the Nevada Legislature included Representatives Paul Anderson, Cresent Hardy and John Hambrick as well as Senator Mark Manendo.  These drivers will soon join be inducted into the Nevada Truck Driver’s Hall of Fame.  You can take a look at all those who have been honored by clicking HERE.

We, the mere mortals who occupy the roads and highways of Nevada, are grateful to these professional drivers who are so dedicated to our safety.  We also recognize them for the bringing to us the great things that we need and use every day.  Thank you Master Truck Drivers for all that you do make life in our valley safer and more pleasant.