Strategies, Challenges, and Answers

Nevada’s new Independent Contractor statute helps protect a driver’s owner-operator status.

The opportunity to own and run your own business is a cherished part of the American dream.  For many people driving their own tractor-trailer and operating their own trucking company is a great way to realize that dream.  However, many regulators and courts are regularly destroying that dream by trying to classifying every driver as […]

The Nevada Supreme Court Clarifies Which On-The-Job Injuries Are Compensable Under Worker’s Compensation

For a few years there, it seemed that there might be hope that not all Nevada on-the-job injuries would be compensable under worker’s compensation.  It all started with the case of Rio Suite Hotel & Casino v. Gorsky, 113 Nev. 900, 939 P.2d 60 (Nev. 1997).  .  In Gorsky, the worker was headed to the […]

Freight Brokers Beware: You May Be On The Slippery Slope Toward Vicarious Liability For The Acts Of Your Independent Contractors

Brokers, in a desire to keep shippers happy, can exert too much control over independent contractors, turning them unknowingly into agents of the broker. Brokers will then face vicarious liability for the negligent acts of the motor carriers. Here is a great example with multi-million dollar consequences . . .