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Congratulations To The Nevada Trucking Association

For its 80th anniversary, the Nevada Motor Transport Association, did something unusual.  It changed its name.  At its 80th  Anniversary Celebration held on April 11, 2012 at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada, the NMTA membership voted to adopt the new name, Nevada Trucking Association.

Mills & Associates and the Nevada Trucking Law Blog Congratulate the Nevada Trucking AssociationThe new name more readily communicates the a purpose of the organization, to teach the importance that commercial trucks play in the lives of Nevadans.  The enthusiastic CEO of the organization, Paul J. Enos, was the emcee of the evening.  There were many other dignitaries and elected officials present at the soirée including Nevada State Senator John Lee along with representative of state and local government and the American Trucking Association.  We at the Nevada Trucking Law Blog wish our best to the Nevada Trucking Association and to Nevada’s trucking industry who brings all of us the things that we need to carry on out lives and businesses here in Nevada.  Congratulations.