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Happy Thanksgiving From Bauman Loewe Witt & Maxwell

All of us at Mills & Associates would like to take a moment and wish clients, family and friends (including our blog readers), a very joyous and happy Thanksgiving.
Whether you are celebrating with a small gathering, or preparing for what is shaping up to be dinner for a small country, we wish you and yours all the very best.

How To Challenge An FMCSA Notice of Claim.

When a motor carrier is faces a Notice of Claim issued by the FMCSA for violations of the regulations, what are its options? An explanation of the choices is found at 49 CFR 386.14. Those choices are three . . .

Don’t Be This Unlucky Trucker!

Truck drivers get paid for the time they spend behind the wheel. But if you are a driver, don’t be in such a rush to get back to driving that you risk your health and your career.
Take this truck driver for example. The driver went to get some dental work done . . .

Fast Track Resolution Of Claims

Many have condemned corporations as heartless, soulless enterprises. Trucking companies are often tarred with that same brush. Speakers at the 2012 TIDA Annual Conference suggest that the way trucking companies handle catastrophic claims might drive that judgment . . .

Trucking And Transportation Seen As Potential Driver Of Nevada’s Economic Recovery

The July issue of Nevada Business magazine reports that Nevada is “poised to become a major distribution center in the West.” The article entitled The Logistics of Economic Recovery: The Distribution Industry In Nevada. The blog post has a link to the complete article.