Strategies, Challenges, and Answers

Mills Graduates CLM’s Litigation Management Institute

The Council on Litigation Management hosts its Litigation Management Institute at Columbia Law School in New York City.  As explained in the course description, “The program is designed to bridge the gap between legal theory and litigation strategy, and the business aspects of litigation management.” CLM selects those insurance professionals and attorneys who will participate.  […]

The Nevada Supreme Court Enforced An Oral Insurance Contract Based On A Handshake

Many dream of living back in the day when a man’s word was his bond and a handshake was enough to seal a deal.  But even back then, was a handshake a good way to do business?  Apparently not for Mr. Whitaker and Mr. Musgrave.  Their tale is found in the reports of the Nevada […]

Nothing Comes Easy (Or Cheap) When Defending Lawsuits In Nevada

In an earlier post HERE, we told the story about Mr. and Ms. Turnbow.  If you read that earlier post you know that Ms. Turnbow was running across US95 in the dark of night in the middle of nowhere with a blood alcohol content approaching three times the legal limit.  The southbound trucker who saw […]

Fast Track Resolution Of Claims

Many have condemned corporations as heartless, soulless enterprises. Trucking companies are often tarred with that same brush. Speakers at the 2012 TIDA Annual Conference suggest that the way trucking companies handle catastrophic claims might drive that judgment . . .

Michael Mills Profiled in Attorney at Law Magazine

In addition to honoring Justice A. William Maupin (ret) with the cover feature story, Mr. Michael C. (Mike) Mills was the only other Nevada attorney profiled in the Premiere Issue of the Las Vegas edition of Attorney at Law Magazine . . .