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Insurance Adjusters Beware: Nevada Courts Impose Consequences for Loss of Critical Evidence

The loss of crucial physical evidence can be a game-changer in the defense or prosecution of a lawsuit that may follow.  Adjusters must guarantee that critical evidence is protected from the earliest stages of the adjusting process.  An insurance adjuster learned this lesson the hard way in the Nevada Supreme Court case of Fire Insurance Exchange […]

Mills Provides Analysis Of Defense Options Available In Harry Reid Civil Injury Suit

National news organization Breitbart recently interviewed Michael C. Mills, Esq. of Mills & Associates.  In the interview, Mills provided insights regarding investigation and discovery options available to the defendants named in the personal injury suit brought by Senator Harry Reid.  In his suit, recently filed in District Court, Las Vegas, Nevada, Senator Reid alleges that […]

Nothing Comes Easy (Or Cheap) When Defending Lawsuits In Nevada

In an earlier post HERE, we told the story about Mr. and Ms. Turnbow.  If you read that earlier post you know that Ms. Turnbow was running across US95 in the dark of night in the middle of nowhere with a blood alcohol content approaching three times the legal limit.  The southbound trucker who saw […]