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Mills Provides Analysis Of Defense Options Available In Harry Reid Civil Injury Suit

Michael MillsNational news organization Breitbart recently interviewed Michael C. Mills, Esq. of Mills & Associates.  In the interview, Mills provided insights regarding investigation and discovery options available to the defendants named in the personal injury suit brought by Senator Harry Reid.  In his suit, recently filed in District Court, Las Vegas, Nevada, Senator Reid alleges that he lost vision in his right eye when the exercise equipment he was using struck him.  Senator Reid has filed suit against the distributors and manufacturer of the exercise equipment.  A copy of Senator Reid’s Complaint can be found HERE.

Breitbart reporter Michael Patrick Leahy interviewed Mike Mills at length gaining information regarding investigation and discovery tools available to the defense as Senator Reid’s suit progresses.  Mills explained several discovery options available to the defense including interrogatories, depositions, medical examinations and an inspection of the Reid’s home where the incident occurred.

Mike Mills also provided information about the court where the action was filed, and background on the Judge to whom the case had been assigned as well as strategic options available to the defense.  To read more of the interview click HERE.

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