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Mills Graduates CLM’s Litigation Management Institute

Litigation ManagementThe Council on Litigation Management hosts its Litigation Management Institute at Columbia Law School in New York City.  As explained in the course description, “The program is designed to bridge the gap between legal theory and litigation strategy, and the business aspects of litigation management.”

CLM selects those insurance professionals and attorneys who will participate.  Michael C. Mills, Esq. of Mills & Associates was chosen to attend in October 2015.  This was not like any other tradeshow, conference or seminar that Mike has attended.

Prior to arriving at the Institute, Mike completed assigned in-depth reading on the topics that would be taught.  Upon arrival, the students were broken down into study groups.  The groups would be working together to address litigation management issues arising from a fictional fact pattern.

Over the course of the three days, Mike attended in classes taught by executives with extensive litigation management experience. The classes focused on important insurance topics such as Client Relations, Expectations, and Confidentiality, Reserving and Data Management from an Actuarial Perspective, Alternative Fee Agreements, Evaluation and Assessment, Impact Reporting, Litigation Management Metrics, Coverage Perspectives, Fundamentals of Risk Transfer, Resolution Strategies, E-Billing and E-Strategy.

Each evening the study groups worked together on the assigned projects.  Upon completion of the court Mike has received a designation from CLM as a Certified Litigation Management Professional (CLMP).

If you need defense insights on Nevada litigation, discovery or courts, please do not hesitate to contact Mike Mills of Mills & Associates at 702-240-6060.  Mike will be glad to speak with you.