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CSA Replacing Safestat In 2010

In July 2010 the new federally mandated Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) takes effect.  The CSA replaces the existing SAFESTAT and provides detailed information concerning truck safety, and driver qualifications, including driver history online.

Safety-first Although the CSA emphasizes its purpose of improving carrier safety through better monitoring of carriers and drivers, enhanced enforcement of safety violations, and elimination of risky behaviors, it doesn’t consider the potential use of this information in litigation.

It will be several months, and possibly even years before the full effect of CSA on trucking litigation can be fully known. But rest assured that here at Mills and Associates we will be monitoring the CSA’s effect on trucking insurance coverage questions, as well as litigation claims involving driver or carrier safety.  In the meantime if you have questions about the CSA please feel free to call our offices.

For more information on the CSA, its implementation, rules and effective date please click HERE.

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