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Nevada Motor Transport Association Awards

At last night’s Nevada Motor Transport Association annual convention we got to see two trucking professionals receive the Driver of the Year and Safety Director of the Year for 2009. I wanted to take an opportunity here on our blog at Nevada Trucking Law to again congratulate these trucking industry professionals.

Distracted Driving…Unsafe, Illegal AND Expensive

On January 26, 2010, the US Department of Transportation announced the publication of regulations prohibiting texting by drivers of commercial vehicles such as large trucks and busses. The secretary of transportation, Ray Hood indicated that this would be an important step in eliminating the threat of distracted driving. Violations of the regulation could result in civil or criminal penalties of up to $2,750.00…

Musings On The Haitian Earthquake

The events in Haiti cause me to consider the importance of truck drivers in the functioning of a society. In a newspaper article, a resident of Port-Au-Prince expressed concern that she might starve to death even though she was only 1 kilometer from the airport, where the world’s relief supplies were being received.

Why Substitute DMV Service Of Process Is A Favorite Among Plaintiff’s Attorey’s

The case of Hayashida v. Second Judicial District Court, 76 Nev. 433, 357 P.2d 117 (1960) is an interesting case regarding the issue of substitute service of process. Service of process is the first step needed to bring a target defendant under the authority or (or as we attorneys like to call it, “jurisdiction”) of the court. Without proper service of process, the court has no power to…

CSA Replacing Safestat In 2010

In July 2010 the new federally mandated Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) takes effect. The CSA replaces the existing SAFESTAT and provides detailed information concerning truck safety, and driver qualifications, including driver history online…