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Musings On The Haitian Earthquake

Collapsed building The events in Haiti cause me to consider the importance of truck drivers in the functioning of a society.  In a newspaper article, a resident of Port-Au-Prince expressed concern that she might starve to death even though she was only 1 kilometer from the airport, where the world’s relief supplies were being received.  While this is an extreme example, it underscores the importance that a society must place in its infrastructure and in making sure that it has the means to deliver essential goods to those who need it; namely trucks and truck drivers.

My prayers go out to all of the victims of this disaster.  My praise goes out to all who have arrived to help relieve the suffering.  And, this week in particular, my hat is off to all the hardworking truck drivers in the world who on a day to day basis, often at inconvenient hours, are delivering goods to the markets, warehouses and manufacturers and by so doing, make our lives livable.  These “thank-yous” often go unsaid.  But with the spotlight of the world on the Haitian disaster, the need for safe roads, reliable trucks and dependable truck drivers can never be understated.

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