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Substitute Service Of Process Through The DMV

Every year, U.S. Department of Transportation estimates the number of registered vehicles on the road HERE.  In 2017, the number was 272,480,899.   It is no wonder that Plaintiffs sometimes struggle to locate and serve a driver that has been involved in automobile accident.  When face to face service is not possible, the State of Nevada provides Plaintiffs […]

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Why Substitute DMV Service Of Process Is A Favorite Among Plaintiff’s Attorey’s

The case of Hayashida v. Second Judicial District Court, 76 Nev. 433, 357 P.2d 117 (1960) is an interesting case regarding the issue of substitute service of process. Service of process is the first step needed to bring a target defendant under the authority or (or as we attorneys like to call it, “jurisdiction”) of the court. Without proper service of process, the court has no power to…