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The Nevada Supreme Court Overturns Wrongful Death Judgment Against Cow’s Owner. Facts Prevail Over Attorney Errors.

Michael Adams died when his car hit a cow belonging to Susan Fallini.  Nevada Law Blog readers know from this earlier post that Nevada Is An Open Range State.  Ms. Fallini asserted the “Open Range” defense pursuant to NRS 568.360 claiming the total defense that is available to her under that statute. NRS 568.360  Duties of […]

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Nevada Is An Open Range State

The state of Nevada encompasses more than 70 million acres.  As anyone who has driven through Nevada knows, much of the state is wide open and empty. A good deal of this these areas are known as “open range”.  The state of Nevada defines “open range” as follows: N.R.S. 568.355  “Open range” defined.  As used […]