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Duty To Mitigate Loss Of Use / Downtime Damages

Have you ever made a loss of use or downtime claim? Has anyone claimed that they lost the use of their vehicle because of your negligence? What is the duty of the vehicle’s owner to complete repairs on the damaged vehicle? Let’s delve into that issue by looking at the Nevada Supreme Court case of . . .

Big Trucks Vs Tornado… Photos of Joplin, MO

It’s difficult to imagine an OTR truck driver who isn’t intimately familiar with the Petro in Joplin, MO. Located just off of I-44, the Joplin Petro truck stop has been a Mecca for OTR drivers for decades. Unfortunately, the devastating tornado that ripped through Joplin, MO on May 23, 2011 traveled right down I-44 . . .

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Nevada Downtime Losses

Earlier this year, I was approached by a trucking insurance carrier with a list of questions regarding the method of properly calculating downtime losses in Nevada.  My research produced the answers to those questions found below.  I thought it would be informative to post this information for others to take a look at: 1. How should we […]