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Nevada Supreme Court Enforces Employee Exclusion

Pacific Clay Products makes concrete pipes.  Pacific Clay Products tells its driver, Mr. Wambolt, to deliver a load of concrete pipes to Ace Plumbing & Heating in Las Vegas, Nevada. When Mr. Wambolt arrives in Las Vegas, he needs a forklift to unload the pipes.  Lucky for Wambolt, Ace Plumbing & Heating has a forklift […]

Nevada Considers Coverage Issues Arising From The Loading And Unloading Of Commercial Trucks And Trailers.

The year is 1964.  A construction truck pulls up to the dock at Richfield Oil Corporation in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The driver of the truck hopes to load fuel that he can haul to a construction site where his equipment is operating. Mr. Spink is the guy working the dock.  He is the one who […]

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Two Important Trucking Law Lessons From One Old Supreme Court Opinion

One of our goals at Nevada Trucking Law is to write a blog post regarding every reported Nevada appellate case, past and present, that involves a commercial truck or heavy equipment. The case considered in this post is Arrowhead Freight Lines, Ltd. v. White, 71 Nev. 257, 287 P.2d 718 (1955). So you might be asking, what can we learn from a legal opinion that is over 50 years old? There are several good lessons….