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The 2015 Nevada Legislature Repeals NRS 690B.042 Requiring Policy Limit Disclosures.

For the last 20 years, insurance companies operating in Nevada have been required to disclose their insured’s policy limit to Plaintiff’s attorneys if certain conditions are met.  However, Nevada’s 2015 legislature repealed NRS 690B.042 altogether.  Insurance companies no longer are required to disclose the liability limits of their insured before a lawsuit is filed. Plaintiff’s […]

Is A Commercial Truck Considered A “Passenger Car” For Purposes Of Disclosure Of Liability Policy Limits?

The very first post on the Nevada Trucking Law Blog discusses when a trucking company must disclose its bodily injury liability policy limit to an injured party.  However, an update to that 2008 post is necessary because, as is true for most things in life, the law is always changing. It is still true that […]

How To Find The Insurance Carrier For Commercial Trucks

Trying to find information about a motor carrier’s insurance company or its coverage? Look no Further…
Here is a click-by-click guide that provides you with the insurance coverage details for any interstate trucking company and commercial motor vehicles.

Insurance Policy Limits For Intrastate Commercial Vehicles In Nevada

Trucking professionals are readily familiar with the federal mandate for liability insurance. But how many know the liability policy limit for a carrier operating exclusively intrastate in Nevada? The answer is very few…

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