Strategies, Challenges, and Answers

Nevada Trucking Accident Rapid Response Team

No one knows when the stuff is going to hit the fan. But one thing is guaranteed: “Anything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong.” With that adage in mind, Mills & Associates has marshaled a team of individuals in a number of areas of expertise to answer the call (24/7) when a trucking crisis develops…

How To Find The Insurance Carrier For Commercial Trucks

Trying to find information about a motor carrier’s insurance company or its coverage? Look no Further…
Here is a click-by-click guide that provides you with the insurance coverage details for any interstate trucking company and commercial motor vehicles.

Never Say Never

Recently, Mills & Associates logged into a webcast sponsored by an insurance industry organization. The webcast’s expert panel was convened to discuss how defense attorneys could better improve the “insurance defense relationship”. As I listened to the panel members, it was reinforced to me how much insurance companies like to…


Back when I was a kid, my family’s brand new 1964 Rambler sedan was not equipped with four-way emergency flashers.  Now, these flashers are standard safety equipment on all vehicles manufactured in America. As the science of conspicuity has advanced, government rules and regulations regarding lighting of motor vehicles have improved, making vehicles safer.  Nevada […]

The Meaning Of The “Firefighter’s Rule” To The Nevada Trucking Industry

In our Nevada Insurance Law blog, we have just finished a post on the “Firefighter’s Rule”.  This relates to auto accidents and trucking incidents (accidents, stalls, lost/shifting loads, etc.). Here is an excerpt: In the case of Steelman v. Lind, 97 Nev. 425, 634 P.2d 666 (1981) the Nevada Supreme Court followed the “firefighter’s rule” […]