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The Meaning Of The “Firefighter’s Rule” To The Nevada Trucking Industry

In our Nevada Insurance Law blog, we have just finished a post on the “Firefighter’s Rule”.  This relates to auto accidents and trucking incidents (accidents, stalls, lost/shifting loads, etc.).

Here is an excerpt:

Bees-beard In the case of Steelman v. Lind, 97 Nev. 425, 634 P.2d 666 (1981) the Nevada Supreme Court followed the “firefighter’s rule” (called the “fireman’s rule” in days gone by) and prevented a seriously injured highway patrol trooper from recovering from truck driver Lind who had lost his load of beehives full of live bees on I-15.  In that case, Lind pulled off to recover what he could of his buzzing cargo.  Trooper Steelman stopped to help.  He put out flares and parked his vehicle near Lind’s truck with his emergency lights on.  Understandably, he got back inside his vehicle and stayed there.  As Lind continued the clean up, another tractor-trailer crashed into the rear of Trooper’s patrol car and pushed it into Lind’s trailer, seriously injuring the trooper.

The entire article may be viewed by clicking HERE.