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Keeping Up to Date With the Law

2282 The other day, a clerk at our office was updating a treatise regarding Federal Court Practice.  Those of you who have done that task know that it is very time consuming, and detail oriented.  He said he couldn’t understand why the law just couldn’t stay the same.  Obviously, laws that were static would be an ideal situation for the judges and the attorneys.  However, one thing we can be sure of, the law is dynamic.  It is always on the move.  We need to keep up with the constant changes so that we can give our clients up to date advice on the issues.

We here at Mills & Associates know that trucking law is particularly subject to changes and updates.  We also know that trucking law is unique and complex.  That is why Mills & Associates supplies each of its attorneys and paralegals with a pocket version of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  This gives our professionals better access to changes and updates in this important firm practice area.  We will continue to educate our staff and professionals regarding the intricacies of trucking law, with the understanding that by doing so, they will better able to serve our trucking clients.

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