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Model Shipper/Broker/Carrier/Contracts

One of the great things about the trucking industry is how willing truckers are to lend a hand.  In that spirit of helpfulness, various trucking organizations have posted model agreements on their web sites.

Nevada Trucking Attorneys Mills & Associates 702-240-6060 For example, the American Trucking Association and the National Industrial Transportation League collaborated to author a “Model Truckload Motor Carrier / Shipper Agreement with Commentaries

At the same web address, you can find a “Model Broker / Carrier Agreement” as well as a “Short Form Broker Carrier Agreement

In the right hand column, there are instructions as well on how to best use these Agreements.

The National Industrial Transportation League has also collaborated with the Transportation Intermediaries Association to develop a “Broker / Shipper Transportation Agreement.”

The Transportation Intermediaries Association has a number of Model Agreements at its site that are available to its members. Click here to visit their website.

If you choose utilize these documents, just know that some of them are copyrighted and you will need to consult authors to make sure that you are using them within the authority that they grant.  While Mills & Associates does not endorse any of these agreements, and is not offering legal advice by posting these links, we provide the same as a service to those who might be looking for such model agreements and make the search for them just that much easier.

And if you know of any other links to Model Agreements, please provide them (Email) and we will see if we can post those links as well.