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Trucking Terminology For The Rest Of Us

At Mills & Associates, we are always on the lookout for resources that might be useful to our clients.  Over the years, we have come to realize that the trucking industry has a language of its own.  This fact was never more apparent than the other morning when I stopped a truck stop for a cup of coffee.  I overheard a driver next to me tell the waitress, “That parking lot must’ve been doing 80 in the hammer lane!”

Mills & Associates Trucking Lawyers 702-240-6060 I whipped out my trucker decoder ring and it told me that a parking lot is a semi hauling cars piggyback style on its trailer and the hammer lane is the passing lane on the highway.

It was then that I realized we could create a trucking decoder for the benefit of our clients.  While we work on our translations, you can start by taking a peek at A-Z Trucking Terminology.  It appears to be a solid resource for defining common terms in the transportation industry.

So while you ponder whether you’re more likely to find an alligator, pup, or a bed bugger at a zoo or next to you on the highway, we’ll be brainstorming to provide you with some trucking terms you’ll find entertaining yet informative.

Okay, we won’t leave you completely hanging:  a bed bugger refers to a carrier that transports personal, household goods versus commercial items.  They’re the moving companies.

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